Legion Wrestling Coach Amir Eslami

Being the son of a national as well as international wrestler, Coach Amir started his career not in wrestling but in the martial arts.  He trained in Tae Kwon Do, achieving black belt by the age of 13, and Southern Praying Mantis/Wing Chun. He transferred to his heritage sport of freestyle Olympic wrestling in his early teens at his fathers’ club in West London. It was there he realised the power and immense dynamics wrestling had to offer. He trained to a national level and competed
in several championships ranging from local, English as well as British championships.  Due to his career as a full time Doctor he has now taken on the role as a coach.  Coach Amir has travelled the wrestling world including Iran and the United states.  He has been honoured to meet many humble but yet amazing wrestlers. Coach Amir’s equation on training is very simple: hard work equals good results, champions are not born but carved from stone.

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